Shaken, Not Stirred: Michelle Slim Bermuda Shorts

Love is in the air, and we're not just talking about this super cute couple in today's post. We love how our gorgeous model looks in the Michelle Slim Bermuda Shorts!

The shorts are in a salmon color, and we paired it with a Vivi top in classic white, added a blazer and dressed it up with some trendy metallic strappy heels. On the guy, we have our very LAST men's tie (call the store for pricing!!) Overall, it's all about mixing up casual pieces with dressier ones.

You'd be smiling too if you were wearing Lilly and as happy as these two!

In these last two photos you can really see the full look. I can't get over how great these shorts look. They're much more chic and dressier than what you automatically expect from bermuda shorts. It's a more mature look, for sure, but it's wearable and in NO way looks matronly or outdated. In fact, I'm gonna say THIS is the updated way to wear Bermuda shorts. You no longer have to wear them casually with a solid color top and flip flops!

I think this is a look you can kick up your heels in (as so wonderfully shown)! So tell me, how do you wear your bermuda shorts??

**PS We still have ONE more pair of these shorts in a size 8! Contact the store for pricing!


7 Ways to Wear Your Keetan Dress

Ahhh, the elegant Keetan dress (shown in Classic White Little Lilet). I absolutely adore it. Talk about dressing things up and down...this is an easy dress to do that with. It's very versatile. It's shown rather plainly here with strappy heels and some jewelry, but we looked around the store and found some other ways to change up how you wear your Keetan dress.

This look was already shown on our Facebook page, however I wanted to share with you WHY! At the very top of the dress, there is little pleating detail, then the dress flows down from there, and honestly doesn't give much shape for ladies with smaller waistlines unless...you belt it! We borrowed the belt from the Wyatt dress (obsessed) and really liked how it looked. We've suggested belting it to customers who have come in, and we wanted to suggest it to our blog readers, too!

Wear this look on a warm day to a barbeque with friends after a day of shopping!

Wear this look on a chillier day, while stopping at your favorite coffee corner and browsing through the latest edition of Southern Living or catching up on your Kindle reads!

We paired the same belt from the Wyatt dress over the Katia Wrap Slub in Starfruit Yellow. This wrap is light enough for those times when it gets just a little too chilly! Swing by the store and see our color selection!

Wear this look to interview at a creative and colorful job, or out to drinks, for a more downtown feel. We wrapped the Glam Obi belt around, but folded the edges to make it thinner and only wrapped it around once, for a clean front. Add the blazer and a fabulous clutch (we still have this glamsnake clutch & goes perfectly with those Resort wedge heels).

Wear this look while lunching with the girls. The print is beautiful and the pink sweater coat bring out for of the pink in the dress! We added the Loren Hope "Scattered Glass" necklace and our outfit is complete! It's girly, pretty and comfortable...those sweaters are divine, trust me!

Wear this look while visiting a local museum and taking in the arts and culture of your hometown! After all, the Lilly prints you wear truly are works of art! No, but really, that's literally how they start off! We paired another Katia Wrap with this dress, but chose white, so that the Loren Hope "Harper Bib" necklace really pops! Its a shade of coral that is goes well with the dress and the petals of coral, pink and orange found in the design. A skinny gold belt emphasizes your waistline and you're set!

Wear this look while listening to live music and sipping on a drink outside with friends. This was the last look we put together. I'm obsessed with Murfee scarves. They are the softest things, most because they're made with cashmere, and are honestly a great price for what they are! I draped the scarf strategically and tucked the very bottom into the belt. It almost looks like a new top/skirt combination, and I really love it! It's just a different way to wear a scarf! Pair this with some brown cowboy boots and you can dance the night away, too!

We also have the Keetan dress in this Hotty Pink First Impression print.


Mad About the '60s

In the words of "Old Blue Eyes," our dear Frank Sinatra, "the best is yet to come, come the day that you're mine!" We couldn't think of better words to describe our feelings about this Spring shipment! We want to take it ALL home!

This line, as well as other designer's most recent lines, really draws from the '60s. The hit TV show "Mad Men" has popularized the classic trends of the 1960s once again (props to Janie Bryant, the show's costume designer). They say that history repeats itself, and this rule always applies to fashion. Personally, I just like to think it repeats AND refines certain trends!

Mr. and Mrs. Draper are such a dreamy pair. Her ultra-feminine looks and his...well, what can we say John Hamm looks good in a suit! He has this Humphrey Bogart appeal. Obviously, I love these actors!

This Jada printed shirtdress comes in both Classic White Little Lilet (as shown) and Lilly's Pink Lilet. At first, seeing it on the hanger I thought it was pretty cute, but once I saw it on our wonderful model...I was in love. This shirtdress is absolutely perfect and is SO flattering on everyone! We paired it with our new natural wedges, which we also think are fabulous. Props to the Lilly shoe-makers because these wedges are the most comfortable, yet trendy shoes. They have a subtle metallic woven into the fabric - making them wearable all day or all night!

I just love this ladylike silhouette and the comfort of these great sleeveless dresses. As we can see below, Lilly has come out with an updated and more modern version of this tried true flattering frock!
The Essie dress might be my favorite pick...and maybe I'm biased, since I caved in and bought it! I love wearing this dress, it truly just makes me happy! This dress just has a great shape to it and is something I can wear during the day and throw a little cardigan over my shoulders if I get cold. We love it paired with sandals and the Dress to Impress pink purse.

The women of "Mad Men" have impeccable style, from their shoes to their fabulous jewelry (anyone else coveting Joan's pen necklace?). We can't help but fall in love with the full skirted dresses that they wear. Obviously, we're not the only ones who are thinking this way...check out the Eryn dress!

It comes in pink and yellow. Both options are equally as cute. This is the dress we were just itching to see in person, and when we took it out of the box we were not disappointed! This classy number has a great fit up top and then bells out. Could anything say Audrey Hepburn any better?

So here is Joan and her notorious pen necklace (I WANT THAT!) This last look is more fitted than the other dresses we've showcased. We adore this color pink and find a similar color in the print on this next dress:

Introducing, the Collins dress. This dress has the conservative higher neckline, but a great "v-cut" in the back (as does the Eryn). It's fits well on our model! Like the other dresses, this emphasizes and creates a great waistline definition, which is always a plus. We played around (literally) with a Murfee scarf and love that combination, as well. The hem on this dress is just slightly longer than the shifts and one-shoulder dresses - it keeps things classy, professional and ladylike! This is the dress I can see style icons of the past wearing today. The look is timeless!

It's not infatuation, nope! It's true love when it comes to our feelings towards the Spring 2011 line! Do you feel the same way?


Shaken, Not Stirred: The Clare Dress

Ohhh the Clare dress. I don't think there is ANY dress more comfortable than this one! The jersey knit is perfect in any weather and for any age. I can't sing enough of it's praises. We have it in a few pretty prints in the store right now, but styling-wise we chose the most challenging dress to wear (at least I thought so!). Don't get me wrong I love the Optical Confusion print, but it's a lot to handle. With a little celebrity influence, we knew exactly what to do with it...

Time to "Boot Scootin' Boogie" with the Clare...yeah, we said it!

The trick truly is confidence - as with anything! Wear this print with pride and you will turn heads, my dear. Pair some cowboy boots, a la Taylor Swift and you've begun to make this dress your own. We added a denim jacket and rolled up the sleeves, too. I love this look, it's still fun but mixes it up a little. It's definitely not a typical way to wear Lilly...but hey, this isn't your typical print! Accessorize with some bangles and a neutral bag/clutch to top it off. They key is adding pieces that are more neutral or solid in color.
Cowboy boots are a fun way to add some personality to a casual sundress. I feel like they instant make you walk a little differently, with a little extra skip! It feels flirty and kinda like you're playing dress up again. It's impossible to not have fun in the Clare dress and those boots...so turn up the country music and let your hair down!


Wynne-Wynne Situation

Here we have the trendy Wynne top in Shorely Blue tucked into the Whitley skirt in First Impression. And the Key to Your Heart necklace is the icing on the cake...perfection!

We're obsessed. Aren't you?


Love Marks the Spot!

If you're ever in the Gainesville, FL area and feel like dropping by and saying hello, here's a handy little map to help you along your way! It's no substitute for a handy dandy GPS, but we think this graphic will be pretty helpful, especially for all our friends living on Sorority Row!

Speaking of our Panhellenic friends, we still have totes and cosmetic bags left for sisters of Delta Delta Delta, Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta and Kappa Kappa Gamma!!


Shaken, Not Stirred: Brileigh Top


We truly hope you are having a wonderful AND safe time today...and tonight!! We're coming at ya live today with the Brileigh top...which actually sounds a little Irish to me! One thing is for certain, wearing a cute print like ensures luck all day!

You won't get pinched while donning this top...not today! The green and blue hues in this print look great on any skin tone or hair color. I'm serious, it's been proven! We paired ours with white capris and neutral wedges and our own hot pink belt, to add a pop of unexpected, but delightful color.

Now you're ready for a day of shopping, a pinch-less stop a the pub and party with friends! If you're not wearing the Brileigh top, what Lilly ARE you wearing today? Tell me!!


Butterfly Kisses

So as you can see, we are quite taken with the Reeve Dress Lace. This is NOT your typical little white dress. Not only does it have a great shape to it, but the detail in the dress is gorgeous!

I love how the lace lays past the slip of the dress and let's some skin peek through. There's been a lot of buzz about lace in the trend topics lately, but this is the tasteful way to do it! And it's still very modern and wearable.

I also love the idea of a skinny hot pink belt right on top of the waistline seam, a colorful clutch or some great turquoise earrings. The great thing about white dresses is that you can play with bright and vibrant accessories. You don't wanna overload the senses with things, since the dress has such great detail but definitely have fun with it!!

So what do you think? What would you pair with the Reeve dress?
PS If you're interested in buying it, we have it!


Giving Back

I don't want to be redundant, because I know I already posted on our facebook page that we are going to be at the "Cause 4 Fashion" show today benefiting the Climb for Cancer Foundation. We are really exciting to see survivors, both women and minnies, model Lilly and wear it with a smile.

While I have your attention, I just want to share some thoughts, too. The cause behind this event, and behind so many events and philanthropies I personally attend can get lost. I'll speak for myself here and maybe you'll agree, but I can sometimes lose sight of what we're trying to accomplish and how many lives we can touch by giving back. It's easy to get caught up in the clothes or the competition.

Right now, Japan is dealing with complete devastation. A huge 8.9 magnitude earthquake has just triggered a tsunami and multiple fires in the country. Even the US in feeling the effects of all this; Hawaii just had a 6-foot wave surge. In less than 24 hours, waves went all the way to South America.

I'll stop with all the depressing facts, I'm sure you're hearing enough on the news, and get to my point. Life is fleeting, and we try to make the very most of it we can. I crave designer labels and material things all the time, and that's okay if I work hard and it makes me happy. However, that can't replace the happiness my family gives me. It can't replace the happiness helping others gives me. And it can't replace how I feel about living life - as I try to make it as happy and colorful as I can. To me, Lilly stands for that. I see a matching mom+minnie look and I think of the moment you can share with your daughter. I see the bright colors and I begin to smile, even if I'm in the store alone.

Make what you do today REALLY count. Hug someone you love and don't take them for granted. Give back when can, realize how blessed you are and smile always. XOXO


Shaken, Not Stirred: Elsa Top

Okay so I know what you're thinking. We JUST did a post on an Elsa top...why another one? Well here's why: I just watched the last episode of Glee and was definitely liking Santana's top during the Landslide performance. As emotional as that piece was, I could really only think, "that looks JUST like the Elsa top!"

Love this.

The simplicity of the top and Santana's overall look in this scene isn't something we usually see on her. There was definitely a more vulnerable side of her exposed, too...but anyways, back to the clothes!

I was a bit inspired by this look and decided to give it a Lilly spin. Here's one of our beautiful models sporting the Elsa top in white, with Mainline jeans and a Loren Hope necklace!

I love the simplicity of this look. So casual and easy to wear. Even if your not a hardcore Lilly fan and ALL about the pink and green, this outfit is trendy and comfortable.

The Loren Hope necklace is the perfect addition to this look! It's the perfect pop of color, and the gold and turquoise combination... FLAWLESS! I love everything about this. Elsa tops are simply stunning with jeans. For a night on the town I adore black or dark skinny jeans with any color solid Elsa, a pretty long necklace (Loren Hope also have plenty of these!) and stunning pumps to complete the look. Sophisticated chic for sure!

There are just so many options with this versatile top! How do you wear your Elsa?

**Glee pictures are all credited to FOX!

The Original

As Missy Elliott once said, "my style can't be duplicated or recycled." Whenever I hear the word "original" that line always pops into my head, so excuse my moment of confession, here.

Anyways, today I've been in a chipper mood, so I wanted to share with all of you OUR original. Lilly lovin' ladies (and gents!), this is for you: the original "Keep Calm and Lilly On" graphic I made back in January. I have a version of the original hanging in my room and started playing around with different things and then....it happened! The Lilly version was created. I posted it and received overwhelmingly positive responses. Emails, facebook messages, comments, likes, tweets and then all of a sudden it was on a tumblr blog!

I hope you enjoy it, share it and love it! All I ask is a little credit where credit is due :)

If you want me to email you a copy, simply email me...it's that easy! I urge you to share this with your fellow Lilly lovers and have them follow the blog! At the end of the day it's all about sharing the Lilly AND the love, right?


Promotion Alert!!!

Starting today through March 26th, Spend $250 and receive a polo, Spend $500 and receive a SPRING MURFEE while supplies last!!!!


Happy Hour: Oprah's Pomegranate Martini

Here's a little Oprah and Rachel Ray collaboration that is sure to rock your world. This is my mom's most recent favorite for Girl's Night Out!

  • 1 1/2 cups pomegranate juice
  • 2 ounces Absolute Citron vodka or white tequila
  • 1 ounce Cointreau liquor
  • 1 cup of ice
  • Splash of sparkling water (optional)
  • Squeeze of lemon (optional)
And here's what you do with it all:

Shake ingredients in a shaker and put in chilled martini glasses. Put pomegranate fruit into glass as garnish.

Enjoy and always drink responsibly! XOXO


Facebook Love

I took some time off from organizing our new sandals to whip up this graphic for our facebook page!


Welcome Home!!

Here's a little sneak peek preview of what we've been up to in the store today. 400 lbs of Lilly! Can you believe it? Maybe you can't, but we sure can. We are in a sea of pink...and cardboard! But hey, it's worth it! Angelica and Brittany were working hard all day sorting through the boxes. I came in as soon as I could and helped out for a few hours...AND IT'S ALL DONE (mostly)! Here are our top picks from the new shipment:

Angelica's pick is the pink Blossom dress. The bright pink is classic Lilly, and this silhouette is one of the most popular styles for the brand. The white trim at the bottom is just enough to make the dress standout. It's not like a lot of the variations of the Blossom, this version doesn't have the trim at the top of the dress. The more simple neckline allows you to accessorize more and maybe wear a more eye-catching necklace!

Here's Brittany's pick, the Wyatt dress in the "Peel and Eat" print. I seriously might get this dress just for the fabulous belt ALONE! Okay, I'm also crazy about the dress, but the belt is simply perfection. I'd definitely wear it with other things, too. This easy going dress is definitely one of my favorites (can you tell?). This photo doesn't do it enough justice. It's a very flattering dress and the colors are outstanding. If you're thinking about it...think no further. Just do it.
Lastly, is my pick! DISCLAIMER: I wanted to pick ALL of the dresses, but that's not an option when you have to pick just one! I went with a skirt, to mix things up. I chose the Whitley skirt in the "Multi Dashing" print. It lives up to it's name (I know, that was cheesy of me to say, but it's true!!). This skirt has endless possibilities. You can wear it with a plain white tee, or opt for a trendier top. You can play with layers, belts, sandals, flats, wedges, pearls, long necklaces...see what I mean?? It's one of the most versatile pieces we hung up today and I predict it'll be on quite a few "must have" lists!

If you have any questions, or want to begin to shop I'll be at the store tomorrow...stop by or give me a ring!

Shaken, Not Stirred: Nikki Maxi

This post is dedicated to the GORGEOUS Nikki Maxi Skirt. It's actually from last year, but completely timeless and perfect for cooler nights after warmer days we've been having!

Our model wore it with a fitted black tank with a ruffle neckline. It's cute with a regular thick strap tank, or even a one shoulder top. It's a maxi skirt, and since there's automatically more fabric, it's better to keep the top you pair with this skirt fitted for this look.

We finished the outfit by keep the accessories simple, since the skirt is so bold and truly is the focal point of the outfit. The Key to Your Heart Necklace worked flawlessly. It's simple and trendy and is a great touch to so many different looks. I like it because it's really at first glance, but when you look close-up you can see the detail in the necklace.

Another great thing about the Key to Your Heart necklace? THE PRICE! It's $48, which is very reasonable for such a trendy piece of jewelry. I love a long necklace to top off a plain tee with jeans or even a dress and heels for a night out. It's a versatile necklace that goes with SO much. And if you have qualms about wearing gold...I used to, too. But now, I am a true believer in the RIGHT gold accessories and this is definitely one of them!

To finish the look our model wore her own tan wedges. These shoes are perfect for this look, you don't want anything too heavy or loud - let the skirt do the speaking! It's such a fabulous look and when paired with the right top, shoes and accessories it's a stunning look. The skirt has such great natural movement without being bulky and the fabric is light and comfortable. It's a favorite for sure!