Mad About the '60s

In the words of "Old Blue Eyes," our dear Frank Sinatra, "the best is yet to come, come the day that you're mine!" We couldn't think of better words to describe our feelings about this Spring shipment! We want to take it ALL home!

This line, as well as other designer's most recent lines, really draws from the '60s. The hit TV show "Mad Men" has popularized the classic trends of the 1960s once again (props to Janie Bryant, the show's costume designer). They say that history repeats itself, and this rule always applies to fashion. Personally, I just like to think it repeats AND refines certain trends!

Mr. and Mrs. Draper are such a dreamy pair. Her ultra-feminine looks and his...well, what can we say John Hamm looks good in a suit! He has this Humphrey Bogart appeal. Obviously, I love these actors!

This Jada printed shirtdress comes in both Classic White Little Lilet (as shown) and Lilly's Pink Lilet. At first, seeing it on the hanger I thought it was pretty cute, but once I saw it on our wonderful model...I was in love. This shirtdress is absolutely perfect and is SO flattering on everyone! We paired it with our new natural wedges, which we also think are fabulous. Props to the Lilly shoe-makers because these wedges are the most comfortable, yet trendy shoes. They have a subtle metallic woven into the fabric - making them wearable all day or all night!

I just love this ladylike silhouette and the comfort of these great sleeveless dresses. As we can see below, Lilly has come out with an updated and more modern version of this tried true flattering frock!
The Essie dress might be my favorite pick...and maybe I'm biased, since I caved in and bought it! I love wearing this dress, it truly just makes me happy! This dress just has a great shape to it and is something I can wear during the day and throw a little cardigan over my shoulders if I get cold. We love it paired with sandals and the Dress to Impress pink purse.

The women of "Mad Men" have impeccable style, from their shoes to their fabulous jewelry (anyone else coveting Joan's pen necklace?). We can't help but fall in love with the full skirted dresses that they wear. Obviously, we're not the only ones who are thinking this way...check out the Eryn dress!

It comes in pink and yellow. Both options are equally as cute. This is the dress we were just itching to see in person, and when we took it out of the box we were not disappointed! This classy number has a great fit up top and then bells out. Could anything say Audrey Hepburn any better?

So here is Joan and her notorious pen necklace (I WANT THAT!) This last look is more fitted than the other dresses we've showcased. We adore this color pink and find a similar color in the print on this next dress:

Introducing, the Collins dress. This dress has the conservative higher neckline, but a great "v-cut" in the back (as does the Eryn). It's fits well on our model! Like the other dresses, this emphasizes and creates a great waistline definition, which is always a plus. We played around (literally) with a Murfee scarf and love that combination, as well. The hem on this dress is just slightly longer than the shifts and one-shoulder dresses - it keeps things classy, professional and ladylike! This is the dress I can see style icons of the past wearing today. The look is timeless!

It's not infatuation, nope! It's true love when it comes to our feelings towards the Spring 2011 line! Do you feel the same way?


  1. Hi! The Jada printed shirtdress looks adorable! I can't find it online anywhere - do you have a link? Thanks!

  2. Jossy, we have it at the store...give us a call! (352) 225-3595!!!!