Giving Back

I don't want to be redundant, because I know I already posted on our facebook page that we are going to be at the "Cause 4 Fashion" show today benefiting the Climb for Cancer Foundation. We are really exciting to see survivors, both women and minnies, model Lilly and wear it with a smile.

While I have your attention, I just want to share some thoughts, too. The cause behind this event, and behind so many events and philanthropies I personally attend can get lost. I'll speak for myself here and maybe you'll agree, but I can sometimes lose sight of what we're trying to accomplish and how many lives we can touch by giving back. It's easy to get caught up in the clothes or the competition.

Right now, Japan is dealing with complete devastation. A huge 8.9 magnitude earthquake has just triggered a tsunami and multiple fires in the country. Even the US in feeling the effects of all this; Hawaii just had a 6-foot wave surge. In less than 24 hours, waves went all the way to South America.

I'll stop with all the depressing facts, I'm sure you're hearing enough on the news, and get to my point. Life is fleeting, and we try to make the very most of it we can. I crave designer labels and material things all the time, and that's okay if I work hard and it makes me happy. However, that can't replace the happiness my family gives me. It can't replace the happiness helping others gives me. And it can't replace how I feel about living life - as I try to make it as happy and colorful as I can. To me, Lilly stands for that. I see a matching mom+minnie look and I think of the moment you can share with your daughter. I see the bright colors and I begin to smile, even if I'm in the store alone.

Make what you do today REALLY count. Hug someone you love and don't take them for granted. Give back when can, realize how blessed you are and smile always. XOXO

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