Shaken, Not Stirred: The Clare Dress

Ohhh the Clare dress. I don't think there is ANY dress more comfortable than this one! The jersey knit is perfect in any weather and for any age. I can't sing enough of it's praises. We have it in a few pretty prints in the store right now, but styling-wise we chose the most challenging dress to wear (at least I thought so!). Don't get me wrong I love the Optical Confusion print, but it's a lot to handle. With a little celebrity influence, we knew exactly what to do with it...

Time to "Boot Scootin' Boogie" with the Clare...yeah, we said it!

The trick truly is confidence - as with anything! Wear this print with pride and you will turn heads, my dear. Pair some cowboy boots, a la Taylor Swift and you've begun to make this dress your own. We added a denim jacket and rolled up the sleeves, too. I love this look, it's still fun but mixes it up a little. It's definitely not a typical way to wear Lilly...but hey, this isn't your typical print! Accessorize with some bangles and a neutral bag/clutch to top it off. They key is adding pieces that are more neutral or solid in color.
Cowboy boots are a fun way to add some personality to a casual sundress. I feel like they instant make you walk a little differently, with a little extra skip! It feels flirty and kinda like you're playing dress up again. It's impossible to not have fun in the Clare dress and those boots...so turn up the country music and let your hair down!


  1. I adore this look!!! Such a fun & creative way to completely change the look of this dress!!

  2. Thanks for showing me how to mix up my Lilly! xx Sue

  3. I wish my Clare hit me above my knee.

  4. The Clare is definitely ab;e to be hemmed...take it to a seamstress! The right length/fit is ALWAYS worth the little extra cost!