Welcome Home!!

Here's a little sneak peek preview of what we've been up to in the store today. 400 lbs of Lilly! Can you believe it? Maybe you can't, but we sure can. We are in a sea of pink...and cardboard! But hey, it's worth it! Angelica and Brittany were working hard all day sorting through the boxes. I came in as soon as I could and helped out for a few hours...AND IT'S ALL DONE (mostly)! Here are our top picks from the new shipment:

Angelica's pick is the pink Blossom dress. The bright pink is classic Lilly, and this silhouette is one of the most popular styles for the brand. The white trim at the bottom is just enough to make the dress standout. It's not like a lot of the variations of the Blossom, this version doesn't have the trim at the top of the dress. The more simple neckline allows you to accessorize more and maybe wear a more eye-catching necklace!

Here's Brittany's pick, the Wyatt dress in the "Peel and Eat" print. I seriously might get this dress just for the fabulous belt ALONE! Okay, I'm also crazy about the dress, but the belt is simply perfection. I'd definitely wear it with other things, too. This easy going dress is definitely one of my favorites (can you tell?). This photo doesn't do it enough justice. It's a very flattering dress and the colors are outstanding. If you're thinking about it...think no further. Just do it.
Lastly, is my pick! DISCLAIMER: I wanted to pick ALL of the dresses, but that's not an option when you have to pick just one! I went with a skirt, to mix things up. I chose the Whitley skirt in the "Multi Dashing" print. It lives up to it's name (I know, that was cheesy of me to say, but it's true!!). This skirt has endless possibilities. You can wear it with a plain white tee, or opt for a trendier top. You can play with layers, belts, sandals, flats, wedges, pearls, long necklaces...see what I mean?? It's one of the most versatile pieces we hung up today and I predict it'll be on quite a few "must have" lists!

If you have any questions, or want to begin to shop I'll be at the store tomorrow...stop by or give me a ring!


  1. Oo, I have not seen that skirt yet, too cute!

  2. Looove the Peel and Eat Print, the problem is deciding if I should get it in the Franco or the Wyatt. Which one do you think is a better pick?

  3. When it comes to deciding on the style, I think you have to take into account what body type you are. The Wyatt looks great on everyone, even if you have curves...I would know :) The Franco fits closer to the body and has cute ruffles!