Pick of the Week!

This beautiful customer came in, searching for the perfect Maxi dress. Well, let me tell you, it didn't take her long to spot it, especially since we JUST redressed our mannequins and one was wearing this gorgeous dress! We adore the Maxine dress. It's flattering and fitted in all the right places...hence, it's our pick of the week!


Throwback Thursdays

Today, it's HOT. Windy, but hot and humid feeling, too. Oh what I wouldn't give to relax in the shade, sip on a nice tall glass of sweet tea and just take a nap. Yes, that my friends would simply hit the spot! I truly wish I could just jump into this picture and replace the model!

Unfortunately none of that is on the agenda today, but the weekend is well on it's way...as is another blog post today! So do not fret Lilly lovers, we can relax in a couple days! Until then...Keep Calm and Lilly On ;)


Murfee Maddness Part 1

Hello, friends!

We found this while cleaning and tiding up around the store, and thought we share it with you! It's a great little suggestion sheet when it comes to wearing your Murfee scarf!

Of course, in my typical way, I have some other idea as to how to wear your scarf...especially since it's going to get very warm very soon! But this is just "part 1" so I'll leave a little content for "part 2"!


Happy Hour: Passion Fruit Mimosa

A classic brunch staple, the mimosa, has graced many a preppy parties and even famous functions. In my most recent cocktail research, I stumbled upon this fruity gem: the passion fruit mimosa! It never occurred to me, probably because I don't really spend to much time thinking up cocktail recipes - I'll leave that to the pros (this recipe is from Martha Stewart)! In any case, here's a little treat for you - you deserve it and it's Friday after all!

Here it is:


  • 6 ripe passion fruit cut in half
  • 1 chilled bottle of champagne
And here's what to do with it all:

Squeeze juice of 1 passion fruit into each champagne glass. Add some of the seeds to each glass. Fill with champagne, then serve, enjoy and drink responsibly!

Looks delicious!!

Shaken, Not Stirred: Daytime Date

Another double feature? We're not talking about a supercharged movie date...we're talking about this post! I'm gonna break down 2 looks in 1 post today...TGIF! This classy couple looks fabulous and ready for a fun filled day...but let's breakdown the outfits!

In proper etiquette, we'll do ladies first! I adore the Anders dress in "Booty Caw". The dress is very chic and stylish, but the Obi belt helps break up the print a bit. We liked the Shauna in the same print belted as well. Belts are a great because they serve a double purpose: they make a dress more flattering and they are ultimately very trendy.

Throw on a couple great bangles (we stuck with two in the same color, since the dress has enough going on). When it comes to treating the feet, I like the gold McKims for a daytime look (similar to the Jack Rogers our model is wearing). The Resort wedges are a classy uptown look for the night. Stick with chic complements for this dress. It's made out of a beautiful silk and you don't want to tarnish the appeal. As much as I love espadrilles (especially the new Lilly ones!) I don't think they work best with this dress.

On to the gentleman, we decided to play with layers. We put the Men's Wellington Polo in the "Love Me or Leaf Me" print underneath the Jeff Half-Zip pullover in navy. The little bit of print peeking through is a subtle way for your man to wear Lilly. That pullover sweater is definitely something EVERY man should have in his closet. I got one for my dad for Christmas...he loves it! It's tough to choose between the navy and the kelly green. Either way you go, this is a staple!

You'd look this happy, too, if you were in these clothes!


Throwback Thursdays

It's supposed to rain later today, so get your umbrellas or...or don't! If you take away one thing from this picture, let it be to LIVE in your Lillywear. Live in it, laugh in it, and enjoy yourself! So if it rains, so be it, but don't let it cancel your parade!


Happy Hour: The Raspberry Flirtini

Call me inspired, or perhaps just a Sex and the City addict, but I was watching a rerun last night, and the drink the best friendss were sipping on was called a "flirtini". Obviously, I changed ALL my previous plans for this Happy Hour and looked what I thought would be a yummy "flirtini"!

The Originators

Here it is:


  • 1 part VOX Raspberry Vodka
  • 1/2 part Chambord
  • 1 part Champagne (float)
And here's what you do with it all:

Mix VOX Raspberry Vodka and Chambord in shaker half-filled with ice. Pour into a champagne flute and top with
Champagne. The simply garnish with fresh raspberries.

Now all you have to do is proceed to drink with caution, but flirt without it!!


Throwback Thursdays

I want to be there. Scratch that... I NEED to be there!


Shaken, Not Stirred: The Caftan

Our lovely model is wearing the Sherman tunic in the classic white burnout print. It's an older piece, but we still have some of these!! It's a versatile tunic dress, we've seen it used as a beach cover-up, a casual dress, and even worn with leggings on some taller girls!

To go with the tunic, we paired a flat neutral shoe (these are Jack Rogers, but McKims work great, as well!) the thick brown belt from the Wayles dress, a Loren Hope necklace and the orange Basketcase Bangle and the multi-colored Bo Bangles bracelets. To tote around all your belongings, we suggest the "See and Be Seen" tote in the Booty Caw print. I love how sturdy (and washable..bonus points!) it is!

Who wouldn't be ready for their closeup in this outfit? Its casual and beachy chic!

I love how this standout coral necklace looks on our model. Usually when people think of these bigger necklaces, they keep everything else simple. For instance, wearing a white plain strapless top or a simple black dress. I think it's okay to mix it up a bit (obviously!!!) Wear some other jewelry with it. Belt your dress. Carry a tote bag in a funky print. Don't shy away from a dress that has a little detail on it. Break the rules, but stay tasteful. That is the key. Then you can look beachy chic while you set sail for the days tasks!

PS Being the Gator lovers that we are...we STILL have some Sherman tunics in the gator prints from last year. Great cover-ups or dresses for those HOT HOT HOT gamedays!

Shaken, Not Stirred: Whitaker Dress

Hello, "Whitaker" where have you been all my life? These were my thoughts as I first saw this dress in the store. Talk about a trendy piece! The one shoulder look is obviously still very popular, but why not take a risk and wear a one shoulder printed dress? Let's "up the ante" fellow Lilly lovers...it's about time!

Now, a great thing about this print on the Whitaker dress is the color palette. Navy, green, yellow, light blue and white. All of these colors look great together and since navy dominates the print, it's more wearable than some other prints. We added a gold skinny belt, some cute yellow shoes (JCrew, if you're wondering!) and a couple of Lilly navy bangles: The Basket Case and the Bo Bangles.
As a shopaholic and Lilly lover, you probably have learned over time that you REALLY have to try things on. The hangers just can't do an article of clothes justice. We know you can't always make it to a store, so we hope to help you out a little, and as you can see on our model, this dress looks a MILLION times better on a body! Nothing wears clothes better than a woman with confidence! Take the Whitaker dress for a spin and tell me how much you love it!

Shaken, Not Stirred: Resort Chic

So we still have some inventory left from Resort, and I was just playing with how some pieces might look in a colder weather setting. I think I too often think of what I'd want to wear now, but I know not ALL our readers are from sunny Florida!

Our gorgeous model is sporting the Moira skirt in "Sea Me", the Hannah sweater in Navy, with the Murfee Sea Blue dip dye scarf and the Resort Wedges!

How Mary Tyler Moore is this picture?? :) Love it!!!

This is such a fun and flirty outfit!! I would love love love it with tights in colder weather and different shoes! The pink coat was from my personal closet, but I think it's a great color and matches just about anything Lilly that you might want to wear in the cold.

I love how these wedges elongate your legs...and the sweater and dress match perfectly. The scarf is tied a just a little differently than usual.

To achieve this look, check our Facebook page! We'll be uploading a "How To" video soon!!

We can't be in a "pink" mood everyday...trust me, I know! For those days, channel the gorgeous shades of blue we have in stock right now. You can still have just as much fun in blue as you can in pink!

**All items shown are STILL in stock, call us about pricing if you're interested! XOXO