Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Today, I'm going on vacation...well, a virtual vacation. Continuing my infatuation with the color navy, I've created a round up of my favorite navy Lilly dresses for summer, and some hot spots to sport them!

Here's the scene: a sultry summer bar on the beach, plus you in the Ramona dress in the navy, "Hot Fun" print. Here's the plot: fantastically fabulous fun. That's right, not matter what happens that night, in the dress you're bound to have a great time. The dress itself is flattering and flirty all at once. What more could you ask for??? I rest my case. End scene.

Lately, so many of my friends have been traveling the globe. I am not only insanely jealous, but very inspired! Through the blog, I've come to realize how global Lilly truly is! We get viewers on our blog from so many different countries! Its astounding and very exciting. I can't help but imagine this fun chic Roslyn skirt in the "Cherry Bomb" print, the Heather tank and a great pair of wedges on Italian cobblestone streets. Casually traipse around town, dine alfresco at a local bistro and taste a lick of heaven at a nearby gelato shop. What are you waiting for? Andiamo!

Here's a look that's nautical, but nice! Slip on the Leslee dress and drive to your nearest beach. I consider this a great daytime, to casually throw up, yet still look effortlessly put together in. The anchors and rope are sweet touches and I just love that neckline! How unique and fun! I'm obsessed with how it looks with the Docksider tote.
This looks incredible. The dress. The sunset. The boat. The water. I want to be on a cruise ship in the Flor dress in the "Hot Fun" print. Seriously...someone help me make this happen! This is another example of a great transition dress. Add a skinny brown belt, Flat neutral sandals, a long necklace and a funky bag for a great day look. Dress it up by simply slipping on heels and accessorizing with a bold metallic necklace or cuff, and a bright colorful clutch. What a perfect dress to set sail in....

What Lilly "must-haves" are in your suitcase this summer? Inquiring minds want to know!


Lilly Likes to Party

I see this... and I hear THIS.

Can you blame me? I know, what a 90s throwback. If that didn't do it for you, maybe this Kenny Chesney favorite will. Enjoy!


We Want YOU!

With the Fourth of July juuuuuust around the corner, I couldn't help myself here. Besides, truly this is the summer of navy...but don't get me wrong, I'm not blue about it! Navy is magnificent on. It's a fabulous color, and can mostly used a neutral with endless possibilities in layering and accessorizing.

Here we have the Shayna. This eyelet dress is stunning in navy. It does what black can do...but better. It doesn't wash you out, and looks great anywhere at anytime.

Lilly wants YOU in navy.

I'd call it investing, rather than enlisting. Either way, this is a dress that's sure to win a star spangled salute, and turn a few heads!

What's your favorite navy Lilly dress?


A Shout Out to Dad

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
- Clarence Budington Kelland


Throwback Thursdays

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."
— Gore Vidal


Happy Hour: The White Lady

In honor of White Out Week, I chose the cocktail creation The White Lady! Not you have a new recipe to try once 5 o'clock rolls around, while wearing your white Lilly wear...and without fear of spills! ha!

Here it is:


  • 1 1/2 oz of Gin
  • 3/4 oz of Cointreau
  • 3/4 oz of Lemon Juice
  • Ice cubes

And here's what to do with it all:

Pour it all into a shaker (perfect time to use a Lilly shaker, if you have one!) and shake well. Then strain your cocktail into a chilled glass! Then simply enjoy responsibly! Simply scrumptious!


Fun Facts about White

Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Collection

Lilly Pulitzer is THE top colorful, happy and bright brand out there. There's no doubt about that! Now that I think about it, it's truly ironic that white is the ABSENCE of color! In any case, it is sure fun to wear with all sorts of hues, tones and shades of colors!

We'll count this as the first fun fact, but here are some more:

  • White is the traditional color worn by brides in the western world, as well as in Japan.
  • White was the color of deepest mourning among medieval European queens was white rather than black. This tradition survived in Spain until the end of the fifteenth century.
  • A white flag is universally recognized as a symbol of truce.
  • In the Bible, white represents the color of light and is an emblem of the divine.
  • According to Pantone Inc., white is the best selling color for the classic American t-shirt.
  • More shades of white are available commercially than any other color.
  • Originally, scientists wore beige coats. In the late 19th century, medical professionals chose white ones. The color white was chosen because of the idea of hope and expectations for healing and recovery that the physicians would bring.
  • White Christmas: the appearance of snow on Christmas day.
  • White teas are the most delicate of all teas. Great care is taken so that only the youngest leaves are used. The finest varieties are appreciated for their unmatched subtlety, complexity, and natural sweetness.
  • The strong floral scent of the Gardenia blossom has a mood-lifting appeal.
  • Wearing all white, or mostly white is the dress code at the Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world.
  • The name "The White House" wasn't official until Teddy Roosevelt issued an executive order in 1901.

Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Collection

Shaken, Not Stirred: White Work Dress

It's true, I love LP. And I love a fabulous little white dress...but I have a feeling I'm not alone here! The challenge I planned for this dress was to make it more than just a white strapless dress. I wanted to make it look like something completely different.

I truly love the "Pirate's Bootyniere" print in Shorely Blue cardigan. This cardigan is perfect for this dress. Not only is it a great fit, but the print isn't too busy for the skinny gold belt we paired over it. The ruffles add a feminine touch and the top of the white dress just peeks through. This is another great summer look for the office, too!

Our beautiful models look GORGEOUS in these two fun looks that are definitely a different twist on how to wear classic Lilly dresses.

This is a great photo of the complete look. The great thing about wearing a white dress under a buttoned up and belted cardigan is that there's no awkward shirt coming up our of a skirt. No uncomfortable movement and nothing gets un-tucked and turned around! It's effortless!

We paired these yellow heels with the look. It looks great and complements the femme feel of the outfit. Simple jewelry, like pearl earrings and a simple ring will to off fabulous look!!


Here's a fun group shot of ALL the girls from the photoshoot that day! We had a wonderful time and did our very best to change up the way we wear our Lilly!


Famous White Dresses

She famously did it all backwards and in feels: Ginger Rogers.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

The People's Princess: Princess Diana.


Best thing from England since The Beatles? Kate and Pipa Middleton.

Forever a style icon: Brigitte Bardot

Could you forget Alicia Sliverstone's Cher from Clueless? AS IF!

It's too late for you and your white horse, but not too late for Taylor Swift's white dress.

Sadly gone, but never forgotten, Elizabeth Taylor IS and always will be glamour.

Everyone's favorite Fair Lady: Audrey Hepburn.

Still inspiring style today: Grace Kelly.

Last but not least, the MOST notorious white dress: Marilyn Monroe.


Hello, Again!

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White Posts of the Past

Here are some favorite posts from the past with white!! Click the links to see more!

Shaken, Not Stirred: White Dresses

So the dress's name is Wilma however there is nothing stone age about it! (Get it? Wilma..The Flintstones?!) Anyways, this happenin' halter dress has great eyelet detail and is so flattering! Gone away are the myths that you can't look slimming and sleek in white! That's right ladies...white is the new black! When it comes to a halter, sometime I like the leave the neck bare, and stack bangles and bracelets up or wear a big statement piece cocktail ring. Leaving the neck bare enhances the dress and doesn't distract from how pretty you look in it!

Another great cut for any body type is the Betsey! Who doesn't like a cute strapless dress? The possibilities with this are truly endless. Throw a sweater on with it, or a light denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up.

And my ideas don't stop there...BELT IT! I love a belt over a sweater, to tie in a look. Play with color, since the dress is white. One of my favorite looks is a white dress I have, with a black and white zebra sweater over it and a braided pink belt. The belt has brown leather at the ends and a gold buckle. Mixing a little black and brown like that surprisingly works! I always get complements in that look.

The versatile Bowen dress...it's the totally fuss-free. And what do I mean by that? The straps are removable! You can wear it as a strapless dress is you like, but if you always find yourself messing around with your tops and pulling up your strapless dress, just keep these straps on!! Make it more sophisticated with fun gemstone sandals or colorful heels. This dress would look great with a chunky cool necklace too — touches like that will make the dress look less Sesame Street and more Sex and the City!

So which do YOU like best: the Wilma, the Betsey or the Bowen?


White Out Week!

Get excited!!! This week is WHITE OUT WEEK on the blog! We're going to discuss, dresses, accessories, styling options and more!

Have any questions about how to wear white? ASK THEM ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! We're answering your questions ALL this week!

And don't forget to SHOP out favorite white Lilly looks HERE!



Happy Hour: Green Apple and Pear Daiquiri

Some of my best friends recently got back from a month long adventure abroad in Italy. Besides for being insanely jealous, I've enjoyed looking through their pictures and hearing about their trip! One of my friends said she tried a Green Apple and Pear Daiquiri and it was heavenly, so taking her word for it, here it is, friends!! You can bet I'll be mixing this later today!

Here it is:


  • 2 cups of ice
  • 3 canned pear halves (8.5 ounces) drained and semi-frozen
  • 3 ounces of white rum
  • 2 ounces of Apple Schnapps
  • Lime juice (just one lime needed!)
  • 1 teaspoon of superfine sugar

And here's what to do with it all:

Simply put everything in a blender until it's all blended and smooth. Then it's ready to drink!

As always, relax but be responsible!!


Nautical Notes

As you can probably tell...we can't get enough of the Summer 2011 line! We just love it! And we just love the glorious sun that has been gracing (most of!) the country!

Now who could imagine a world without music? Not me! That would just be torturous! In any case, I've compiled a playlist, inspired by summer! From the relaxing by the ocean waves to roadtripping on the wide open road, this playlist is soaked with summer fun.

Just click HERE!

What are YOUR favorite summer songs?


Could Ya'll Just be Dears And...

Hi Lilly Lovers,

I first and foremost want to thank you so very much for following the blog and checking in on us. We truly love doing this and are so happy it's taken off! I just have one little tiny teeny favor to ask all of you:

I am asking on behalf of myself and my work for the store, that if you use any of my graphics or work on this blog or our Facebook page, that you please credit me and the store. I love doing this, but I work hard to do this (among other things!) and it's sad when I see other people copy my work or try to pass it off as their own.

So if ya'll could be dears and please please credit anything you take (from here and elsewhere!) that would be much appreciated!


Lauren Alexa Gonzalez

Shaken, Not Stirred: Summer Skirts

Most Lilly-lovers will attest to a love for preppy fashion. I know I have an affinity for it! Preppy style has it's classic color combinations and it's timeless rules. But let's re-cap Lilly Pulitzer's story. I'm gonna have to say breaking the rules, has risk but yields great reward.

This summer, I want to challenge you to break some rules with some of the FAB skirts from the summer line!

The Roslyn is such a great fit. It's usually seen like a polo, or solid v-neck tee but I love the idea of juxtaposing the tradition skirt with a modern top. Go for the Wynne top! Pick a color that isn't dominating, so it draws something new from the print
This Roslyn skirt is PERFECT for the Fourth of July...a must-have!!

The Avery is just made to match your favorite espadrilles. Seriously, I love this skirt. It looks fabulous on everyone! Since it has a paper bag waist-cinching, it's best to keep your more fitted. If it's not completely sweltering outside, try a cute quarter-sleeved tshirt. Anything in the cotton slub material is perfect!

The Jarvey skort rightfully popular. It's short and flirty and when it's hot, it's perfect with the Heather tank. With this skirt, there's some rules you CAN NOT break.

Because of the short hemline, keep your sandals flat. Espadrilles, wedges and pumps are a no-no! Plunging necklines are also taboo.
Plunging necklaces and colorful bangles, however, are a MUST. With the Jarvey, go the extra mile in accessories.

Also, don't be afraid to pair a striped or gingham shirt with a printed skirt or skort. As long as the colors coordinate and you don't clutter the look with too much jewelry, this look is daring, but darling! Example: Try the Jonni gingham short sleeve shirt (shown at the very top with white pants) with the "Classic White Had Me a Blast" Jarvey. Keep shoes neutral, jewelry minimal and throw a solid colored sweater over your shoulders in case you get chilly!