Shaken, Not Stirred: White Dresses

So the dress's name is Wilma however there is nothing stone age about it! (Get it? Wilma..The Flintstones?!) Anyways, this happenin' halter dress has great eyelet detail and is so flattering! Gone away are the myths that you can't look slimming and sleek in white! That's right ladies...white is the new black! When it comes to a halter, sometime I like the leave the neck bare, and stack bangles and bracelets up or wear a big statement piece cocktail ring. Leaving the neck bare enhances the dress and doesn't distract from how pretty you look in it!

Another great cut for any body type is the Betsey! Who doesn't like a cute strapless dress? The possibilities with this are truly endless. Throw a sweater on with it, or a light denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up.

And my ideas don't stop there...BELT IT! I love a belt over a sweater, to tie in a look. Play with color, since the dress is white. One of my favorite looks is a white dress I have, with a black and white zebra sweater over it and a braided pink belt. The belt has brown leather at the ends and a gold buckle. Mixing a little black and brown like that surprisingly works! I always get complements in that look.

The versatile Bowen dress...it's the totally fuss-free. And what do I mean by that? The straps are removable! You can wear it as a strapless dress is you like, but if you always find yourself messing around with your tops and pulling up your strapless dress, just keep these straps on!! Make it more sophisticated with fun gemstone sandals or colorful heels. This dress would look great with a chunky cool necklace too — touches like that will make the dress look less Sesame Street and more Sex and the City!

So which do YOU like best: the Wilma, the Betsey or the Bowen?

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