Shaken, Not Stirred: Whitaker Dress

Hello, "Whitaker" where have you been all my life? These were my thoughts as I first saw this dress in the store. Talk about a trendy piece! The one shoulder look is obviously still very popular, but why not take a risk and wear a one shoulder printed dress? Let's "up the ante" fellow Lilly lovers...it's about time!

Now, a great thing about this print on the Whitaker dress is the color palette. Navy, green, yellow, light blue and white. All of these colors look great together and since navy dominates the print, it's more wearable than some other prints. We added a gold skinny belt, some cute yellow shoes (JCrew, if you're wondering!) and a couple of Lilly navy bangles: The Basket Case and the Bo Bangles.
As a shopaholic and Lilly lover, you probably have learned over time that you REALLY have to try things on. The hangers just can't do an article of clothes justice. We know you can't always make it to a store, so we hope to help you out a little, and as you can see on our model, this dress looks a MILLION times better on a body! Nothing wears clothes better than a woman with confidence! Take the Whitaker dress for a spin and tell me how much you love it!

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