Shaken, Not Stirred: Daytime Date

Another double feature? We're not talking about a supercharged movie date...we're talking about this post! I'm gonna break down 2 looks in 1 post today...TGIF! This classy couple looks fabulous and ready for a fun filled day...but let's breakdown the outfits!

In proper etiquette, we'll do ladies first! I adore the Anders dress in "Booty Caw". The dress is very chic and stylish, but the Obi belt helps break up the print a bit. We liked the Shauna in the same print belted as well. Belts are a great because they serve a double purpose: they make a dress more flattering and they are ultimately very trendy.

Throw on a couple great bangles (we stuck with two in the same color, since the dress has enough going on). When it comes to treating the feet, I like the gold McKims for a daytime look (similar to the Jack Rogers our model is wearing). The Resort wedges are a classy uptown look for the night. Stick with chic complements for this dress. It's made out of a beautiful silk and you don't want to tarnish the appeal. As much as I love espadrilles (especially the new Lilly ones!) I don't think they work best with this dress.

On to the gentleman, we decided to play with layers. We put the Men's Wellington Polo in the "Love Me or Leaf Me" print underneath the Jeff Half-Zip pullover in navy. The little bit of print peeking through is a subtle way for your man to wear Lilly. That pullover sweater is definitely something EVERY man should have in his closet. I got one for my dad for Christmas...he loves it! It's tough to choose between the navy and the kelly green. Either way you go, this is a staple!

You'd look this happy, too, if you were in these clothes!

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