Great deals, sales and...FREE Gift Cards!

Hello Colorful Gator Girls!

We have quite a bit of information to share with you, brace yourself!! We think you'll like what we have in store though!First off, we are giving away Gift Certificates to our store on our Facebook page!! We are litereally giving away FREE MONEYYYY! :) It can't get any better than that! Like us on Facebook and when you see us update our status about giving away a gift certificate just comment saying that you want it!

It's THAT easy!

Secondly, I just wanted to let you web-savvy sisters know that we recently updates our inventory on the website! So exciting! It's definitely a labor of love, but we hope it makes shopping with us easier and more convenient. You can literally shop 24/7! Phew! Oh, and we just marked down A LOT of things...so happy shopping!!

Until next time, we hope you're bundled up and stay warm and happy no matter where you are!


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