Pencil us in!


That's right, the Lilly agendas are back by popular demand. And who isn't thrilled about it? In four new prints, they have me wanting one...even though I haven't run out pages in my current Lilly agenda! From the top left going clockwise their names are: Docksider, Nice to See You, Luscious, and Navy Bloomers.

I have to say, the Docksider print is my favorite, but it took me a while to finally settle on a #1 pick!

We all can see how irresistibly cute these agendas are, but I don't want their actual function to get lost. Here's the sitch, fellow blogging friends: It's been the MOST helpful agenda/planner I have ever owned. I kid you not. I love the layout, and there's plenty of room inside for all my school, work, internship and social activities!

There are two pockets in the front that carry loose papers and a few business cards. I turn a few pages there's the year(s) at a glance, a section for me to fill in important dates, holidays, an address book, months at a glance and a notes section. Then it jumps into the months, laid out week-by-week.

I'm strictly of the belief that you should endorse what you personally love, so I'm straight shooting with you all, and I always do!

So tell me...
  • What do YOU love about YOUR Lilly agenda?
  • What new print is your favorite this year?

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  1. I LOVE my Lilly agenda! It's the perfect thing to keep my crazy life on track.