Shaken, Not Stirred: The Clare dress part 2

I just couldn't help myself with this graphic. The Clare dress is such a light and cheery dress, I felt like a sweet graphic was a must!

A wonderfully blog follower and facebook fan asked if I had any styling advice for the Clare dress, which is sometimes a little tricky to style because of the ruffles at the neckline.

So here are my thoughts, as you can see! When it comes to the Clare dress, keep the neckline as simple as possible. Either two small necklaces or one small/medium sized one. Keep the colors neutral and light. I think sandals go best with the Clare. Whether they're flat or wedges, you definitely want to show off a pretty pedicure! Obviously McKims and those FAB espadrilles are the shoe of choice (check out what we have on sale). Jack Rogers are great, too. Any bag will work, and don't be afraid to match the dress! But a clutch, handbag or side satchel will complement this easy-going dress!
These monogram necklaces are perfect for the Clare. They sit at the right height (not too low, not too high) and they show off your preppy style! I love this Loren Hope Cleopatra necklace too. It's a great edgier contrast to the girly ruffles on the Clare dress. These are a must-have!

If you really want to accessories and have fun...it's all in the wrist! Let me explain:

Don't be afraid to stack some bangles on the same side as your watch. TREND ALERT! This is actually very chic right now! It's a fabulous look and it's all the rage. Also, mixing and matching different types of bangles is fun and funky and highly encouraged. Again, this is a fashion DO.

Just yesterday at work, I took this quick snapshot to show you all! I paired my Michael Kors watch with a gold Lilly Ric Rac bangles and a funky colorful bangle that matched my outfit, similar to the bangles of Sequin in Palm Beach!

Is it completely cliche to say that I am a basket case over the basket case bangles? Hmm.... :)

Bo-Bangles bracelets are great, and thin enough the stack a few up! Love them! And they come in so many great colors!

How high do you stack 'em up? Or how else do you accessories your Clare? Inquiring minds want to know!!


  1. Just wanted to say how much I always love your blog! I work at a Lilly store too and it's so fun to see all of your great ideas :) I also have been wanting a monogram necklace just like the one you posted to go with all my Lilly, such a great idea!