Shaken, Not Stirred: Aida Cords

Okay these pants are actually a bit older, they're from Fall. However, being on location this summer in NYC, I have noticed a LOT of colored skinny pants, so I just had to write this post! The Aida Corduroy pants are fabulous. And honestly, the Aida cut looks super GREAT in jeans, too. But let's talk more about the coral pants trend...

Our model looks amazing in these pants, and I love them with the Sutton top. It's the perfect top for these pants. It coordinates so wonderfully.

Style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker struts her stuff in coral cords.

Here's my biggest piece of advice, if you're going to wear these pants - or any other colorful pants - don't be afraid of color! That's right...more color!!! There's nothing wrong with playing it safe with a black or white plain top. But don't limit yourself, and don't second guess your fashion conscience when it's speaking to you! Wear what makes you happy!

I took this candid during the photoshoot and loved it, so I had to sneak it in!! Our model to the right was featured in a previous post about the Nikki Maxi Skirt and how to sport that look! Check it out!

So tell me, do you like colorful pants? Printed pants? How do you wear them?

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