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So perhaps as you can tell, today I felt quite inspired by the Petula dress. It's the ideal summer dress. Cute (you'll no doubt get numerous complements while wearing it) and comfortable (which is key in the summer heat)! I give this dress a double thumbs up for everyday wear.

While I'm still singing Petula praises, I want to point something else out...this dress is SUPER flattering. Yes! It has a lovely gradual A-line flare to it, which makes this dress even more ideal! Sometimes it tough to pull off certain dresses if you're curvy (I know!) but this dress couldn't make curves look better. The way the top is banded gives great support and shape. And if you don't have curves, don't fear! This dress is like the pair of jeans from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" ....for real, there's something about this dress that has looked amazing on everyone who hass come in to try/buy it!!
If you haven't heard...we carry Loren Hope Designs. Her jewelry is phenomenal. Colorful, trendy, but not cluttered...can you tell how much we love her around here? Anyways, I want to talk about earrings for a second. As much as I firmly believe in the classic power and beauty of pearls earrings, I think it's time we Lilly lovers mix it up. That's right, I dare you to trade in your pearl studs for hoops. But not just any hoops! Pick a fabulous and classy pair, such as the Loren Hope ones shown above (which ironically do come in pearl!)
If you're not ready to hoop it up, try a gorgeous statement necklace! While wearing a true work of hand-crafted art like this, I suggest keeping other accessories very minimal, as to not seem cluttered or take away from necklace. A bold necklace is sure to attract attention to your pretty face when you wear it! (PS we only have ONE of these necklaces left!)
I wasn't planning on including another Lilly Pulitzer product, since that inspiration connection is just a bit obvious... However, I couldn't resist when it comes to this clutch!! Similar to the dress, it's bright in color, can transition for different occasions AND is perfect for summer. You might be wondering what I mean by "transition for different occasions? Well, you can actually tuck the straps into the purse...making it a true clutch.

**We have it in this pink and the natural tan color**

For a casual look: keep the straps out of the purse, throw a sweater/denim jacket over the dress, opt for the hoops, and wear flat sandals.

For a dressier look: tuck in the purse straps, wear the dress with bare shoulders, put on your statement necklace and slip on some wedges! *Just add cocktail in hand

Perhaps you're planning on hosting a party? Or maybe you just want it to feel like a party - even when you simply set your drink down! Well these coasters from Furbish Studio Online are so similar to the Tissue Kissue print. They're slightly more geometric and modern, but still have a great color palette. If your table could talk I think it would say much more than "thank you" for these coasters!
That's right, I'm moving from coasters to cups. These are from the CALYPSO St. Barth for Target collection. I have such a "color crush" on these tumblers! They're so pretty - it's like holding a sunset in your hand! I can almost taste the ice cold sweet tea I'm imagining in that tall tumbler...

Why not add a little "fanfare" to these hot days? It's gotten to the point that I can not - and will not - sit poolside without a little breeze to keep me from melting. For those days that don't provide a natural breeze, I'm going to make my own with these cute paper fans! You can find these at many places online.

If you're actually interested in buying one searching for "paper hand fans" under the Google shopping tab works well!

Until next time, enjoy these inspired fashionista finds!

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