Happy Hour: The Daiquiri

A fabulous cocktail, the daiquiri is a summertime staple. It's refreshing and cool during the hot hot heat!!!

Here it is:


  • 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) fresh lime juice
  • 2 heaping teaspoons superfine sugar
  • 1/4 cup (2 ounces) white rum
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Lime to use as a garnish
And here's what to do with it all:

In cocktail shaker, stir together lime juice and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add rum and ice cubes and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Strain into chilled Daiquiri or coupe glass and drop in lime wheel for garnish.

Drink responsibly and enjoy!

I'm obsessed with my...


Floppy hat or fedora. Long necklace or short layered chains. Linen pants or Callahans.

No matter what you wear it with, you are sure to turn some heads in this fun flirty top!


Throwback Thursdays

Hello, Summer.

Shaken, Not Stirred: The Clare dress part 2

I just couldn't help myself with this graphic. The Clare dress is such a light and cheery dress, I felt like a sweet graphic was a must!

A wonderfully blog follower and facebook fan asked if I had any styling advice for the Clare dress, which is sometimes a little tricky to style because of the ruffles at the neckline.

So here are my thoughts, as you can see! When it comes to the Clare dress, keep the neckline as simple as possible. Either two small necklaces or one small/medium sized one. Keep the colors neutral and light. I think sandals go best with the Clare. Whether they're flat or wedges, you definitely want to show off a pretty pedicure! Obviously McKims and those FAB espadrilles are the shoe of choice (check out what we have on sale). Jack Rogers are great, too. Any bag will work, and don't be afraid to match the dress! But a clutch, handbag or side satchel will complement this easy-going dress!
These monogram necklaces are perfect for the Clare. They sit at the right height (not too low, not too high) and they show off your preppy style! I love this Loren Hope Cleopatra necklace too. It's a great edgier contrast to the girly ruffles on the Clare dress. These are a must-have!

If you really want to accessories and have fun...it's all in the wrist! Let me explain:

Don't be afraid to stack some bangles on the same side as your watch. TREND ALERT! This is actually very chic right now! It's a fabulous look and it's all the rage. Also, mixing and matching different types of bangles is fun and funky and highly encouraged. Again, this is a fashion DO.

Just yesterday at work, I took this quick snapshot to show you all! I paired my Michael Kors watch with a gold Lilly Ric Rac bangles and a funky colorful bangle that matched my outfit, similar to the bangles of Sequin in Palm Beach!

Is it completely cliche to say that I am a basket case over the basket case bangles? Hmm.... :)

Bo-Bangles bracelets are great, and thin enough the stack a few up! Love them! And they come in so many great colors!

How high do you stack 'em up? Or how else do you accessories your Clare? Inquiring minds want to know!!


Shaken, Not Stirred: Aida Cords

Okay these pants are actually a bit older, they're from Fall. However, being on location this summer in NYC, I have noticed a LOT of colored skinny pants, so I just had to write this post! The Aida Corduroy pants are fabulous. And honestly, the Aida cut looks super GREAT in jeans, too. But let's talk more about the coral pants trend...

Our model looks amazing in these pants, and I love them with the Sutton top. It's the perfect top for these pants. It coordinates so wonderfully.

Style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker struts her stuff in coral cords.

Here's my biggest piece of advice, if you're going to wear these pants - or any other colorful pants - don't be afraid of color! That's right...more color!!! There's nothing wrong with playing it safe with a black or white plain top. But don't limit yourself, and don't second guess your fashion conscience when it's speaking to you! Wear what makes you happy!

I took this candid during the photoshoot and loved it, so I had to sneak it in!! Our model to the right was featured in a previous post about the Nikki Maxi Skirt and how to sport that look! Check it out!

So tell me, do you like colorful pants? Printed pants? How do you wear them?


And it keeps gettin' better...

Here's a little somethin' to tide you all over for the weekend...LOTS of great blogging in store for this upcoming week!



Happy Hour: The Mint Julep

In honor of our deep southern roots and love for good 'ole fashion fun, today's cocktail is the classic mint julep. It's been a little over due for an appearance on the blog, don't you think? Well, better late than never!

Here it is:


  • 4 cups of Bourbon
  • 2 bunches of fresh spearmint
  • 1 cup of distilled water
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • Powdered sugar
And here's what to do with it all, via the Food Network:

To prepare mint extract, remove about 40 small mint leaves. Wash and place in a small bowl. Cover with 3 ounces of bourbon. Allow the leaves to soak for 15 minutes. Then gather the leaves in paper toweling. Thoroughly wring the mint over the bowl of whiskey. Dip the bundle again and repeat the process several times.

To prepare simple syrup, mix 1 cup of granulated sugar and 1 cup of distilled water in a small saucepan. Heat to dissolve sugar. Stir constantly so the sugar does not burn. Set aside to cool.

To prepare mint julep mixture, pour 3 1/2 cups of bourbon into a large glass bowl or glass pitcher. Add 1 cup of the simple syrup to the bourbon.

Now begin adding the mint extract 1 tablespoon at a time to the julep mixture. Each batch of mint extract is different, so you must taste and smell after each tablespoon is added. You are looking for a soft mint aroma and taste-generally about 3 tablespoons. When you think it's right, pour the whole mixture back into the empty liter bottle and refrigerate it for at least 24 hours to "marry" the flavors.

To serve the julep, fill each glass (preferably a silver mint julep cup) 1/2 full with shaved ice. Insert a spring of mint and then pack in more ice to about 1-inch over the top of the cup. Then, insert a straw that has been cut to 1-inch above the top of the cup so the nose is forced close to the mint when sipping the julep.

When frost forms on the cup, pour the refrigerated julep mixture over the ice and add a sprinkle of powdered sugar to the top of the ice. Serve immediately.


Throwback Thursdays

And here we thought the one-shouldered dress was a new trend... In any case, I love it then and I love it now. And you can't deny Jackie O 's impeccable style, after all, she was a well-known Lilly lover!


Lilly for YOU!

This is our new campaign, Lilly for YOU. It can not be a success without...YOU! Go figure!

You've seen the blog (obviously), facebook page, and our tweets. We do all of that, but we want your help now. Tell us by commenting here, there, or tweeting us @colorfulgator.

Can't think of what to say? Here's some starting points:

  • What posts are you favorite/least favorite?
  • What graphics are your favorite/least favorite?
  • Do you want to see more of a particular print?
  • Do you want our styling advice on a dress that you own (from ANY season)?
  • Would you be interesting in listening to our in-store playlists?
  • Do you like when we relate Lilly clothes to pop culture & celebs?
Like I said, this can't be a success without you, so comment away...it'll take 5 seconds!...and pass this along to other Lilly lovers.

The Rolling Stones famously sang, "You can't always get what you want." Well, right now, YOU CAN!

Throwback Thursdays

Talk about style...wow. For the most part, I am speechless, but I think by now you all know me better than that! This is glamour. Natural glamour at that. This is a couple who is not afraid of color and they look fabulous and put together because of it. Even the pups are well-groomed and have cute little bows! Look at them...does it get more glam and fabulous than this? I think not!


Inspired Fashionista Finds

So perhaps as you can tell, today I felt quite inspired by the Petula dress. It's the ideal summer dress. Cute (you'll no doubt get numerous complements while wearing it) and comfortable (which is key in the summer heat)! I give this dress a double thumbs up for everyday wear.

While I'm still singing Petula praises, I want to point something else out...this dress is SUPER flattering. Yes! It has a lovely gradual A-line flare to it, which makes this dress even more ideal! Sometimes it tough to pull off certain dresses if you're curvy (I know!) but this dress couldn't make curves look better. The way the top is banded gives great support and shape. And if you don't have curves, don't fear! This dress is like the pair of jeans from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" ....for real, there's something about this dress that has looked amazing on everyone who hass come in to try/buy it!!
If you haven't heard...we carry Loren Hope Designs. Her jewelry is phenomenal. Colorful, trendy, but not cluttered...can you tell how much we love her around here? Anyways, I want to talk about earrings for a second. As much as I firmly believe in the classic power and beauty of pearls earrings, I think it's time we Lilly lovers mix it up. That's right, I dare you to trade in your pearl studs for hoops. But not just any hoops! Pick a fabulous and classy pair, such as the Loren Hope ones shown above (which ironically do come in pearl!)
If you're not ready to hoop it up, try a gorgeous statement necklace! While wearing a true work of hand-crafted art like this, I suggest keeping other accessories very minimal, as to not seem cluttered or take away from necklace. A bold necklace is sure to attract attention to your pretty face when you wear it! (PS we only have ONE of these necklaces left!)
I wasn't planning on including another Lilly Pulitzer product, since that inspiration connection is just a bit obvious... However, I couldn't resist when it comes to this clutch!! Similar to the dress, it's bright in color, can transition for different occasions AND is perfect for summer. You might be wondering what I mean by "transition for different occasions? Well, you can actually tuck the straps into the purse...making it a true clutch.

**We have it in this pink and the natural tan color**

For a casual look: keep the straps out of the purse, throw a sweater/denim jacket over the dress, opt for the hoops, and wear flat sandals.

For a dressier look: tuck in the purse straps, wear the dress with bare shoulders, put on your statement necklace and slip on some wedges! *Just add cocktail in hand

Perhaps you're planning on hosting a party? Or maybe you just want it to feel like a party - even when you simply set your drink down! Well these coasters from Furbish Studio Online are so similar to the Tissue Kissue print. They're slightly more geometric and modern, but still have a great color palette. If your table could talk I think it would say much more than "thank you" for these coasters!
That's right, I'm moving from coasters to cups. These are from the CALYPSO St. Barth for Target collection. I have such a "color crush" on these tumblers! They're so pretty - it's like holding a sunset in your hand! I can almost taste the ice cold sweet tea I'm imagining in that tall tumbler...

Why not add a little "fanfare" to these hot days? It's gotten to the point that I can not - and will not - sit poolside without a little breeze to keep me from melting. For those days that don't provide a natural breeze, I'm going to make my own with these cute paper fans! You can find these at many places online.

If you're actually interested in buying one searching for "paper hand fans" under the Google shopping tab works well!

Until next time, enjoy these inspired fashionista finds!

Pick of the Week!


Fiesta Fever: Celebrate in Style

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!! It's a favorite summertime celebration!! Even if you're not quite sure what exactly we're celebrating, if you're like me, you're just happy margaritas and those colorful tiny umbrellas on drinks can be found everywhere! Ole!!

Obviously, it's also a fun opportunity to dress festively, and enjoy some great company. I've picked out some of my top choices for celebrating the "Cinco" in style! Take a look...

I'm giving a double thumbs up to ANYTHING in the "Stamped" print. This print is just too fun fun, and it comes on my favorite Lilly items: the Callahan shorts, the Sandra dress, the Clare dress, the Cissy skirt. There is seriously so much to choose from...and you can't go wrong. I love the shorts or the skirt paired with a tucked in "Wynne" top OR the new "Wynden" halter. Both have a flirty ruffle, which is perfect for any fiesta. The "Wiley" tube top is also very cute, but I really only recommend it with the shorts!

If you're nervous about wearing the Sandra in such a loud print...have no fear. It's fabulous plain, but we like it belted, too! Here is my advice: go for a skinny gold or silver belt if you're going to wear it with heels (like the model). If you're wearing flat sandals, opt for something like the "Sullivan" belt. It's a bit thicker and the material makes it a little more casual.

What do you think about this equation? Finally...math I don't need a calculator for! These wedges truly are marvelous. Ohh the lustful looks they've gotten from shoppers...and all of us when we're working! They're great with any dress, jeans, white jeans, white linen pants....should I go on? With a margarita in your hand and these shoes on your feet, you have it made!

So tell me, what looks are you sporting today? And what are you sippin' on?

Happy Hour: La Paloma

In honor of today being Cinco de Mayo, I figured I'd do a traditional and tasty Mexican drink. Without further ado... La Paloma!!

Here it is:


  • 2 ounces tequila
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • pinch of salt
  • grapefruit soda

And here's what to do with it all:

Combine the tequila (reposado, preferably), lime juice, and salt in your glass. Add ice, top off with grapefruit soda, and stir. The best soda to use is the Mexican Jarritos brand, although any soda or lemon-lime soda with a splash of grapefruit juice will work out as well. You can salt the rim of your glass, margarita style, or even throw a pinch of salt in the drink! Either way, you're sure to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo cocktail!

Drink responsibly and enjoy the fiesta! Ole!!


Shaken, Not Stirred: Adelson Shift

Recent life events have caused my head to fill with thoughts concerning a more professional dress code. Unfortunately, you can't wear head-to-toe Lilly at some jobs. Interviewing at a job is also key to a first impression...but you might not be able to get away with the Blossom dress in the print "First Impression!" These are just the facts of life and the business world. However, I firmly believe that there are several solid options for Lilly in the work place...this summer I will definitely be exploring that some more AND blogging about it! Todays "Shaken, Not Stirred" focuses on dressing Lilly up for work...because let's face it, we need to earn money so we can buy more Lilly!!!!!!

The navy Adleson jaquard dress with gold lace is a classic look. It's usually worn rather plainly, but we decided to pair a tan blazer with the dress, classic pearl earrings and a bright leather clutch. We kept this look refined, and conservative. Definitely appropriate for the workplace! For our look, the model is wearing strappy metallic heels, but nude pumps would also look great if you have to wear close-toed shoes.

This outfit can transition easily from workplace to after-hours cocktails with coworkers, if you loose the blazer! Who says you have to wear the same old boring pantsuit everyday to work? Not Lilly and not us! Try "shifting" your work wardrobe around with the Adelson!